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2011 12 01 - Wonderland Sutton VIP Launch Night


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Wonderland Sutton - Launch Night!

15:53 pm, Fri 4th Nov 2011


Note: To respect the wishes of a number of guests I am not able to put the photos up here. Photos are on my facebook page and given to the Wonderland Club itself. A few teasers are here though...

Wonderland Sutton opened its doors on the 1st of December with a fantastic night! Lavishly decorated, a large dance floor, seating overlooking the dance floor, VIP room, great lights, regular floor shows and 3 large bars for drinks... With regular themed nights it really bodes well for south London clubbing and I expect it to be a very popular venue.

The doors opened at 9pm and allowed everyone their first glance at the new hot spot in town. As soon as you walk in you are greated by some of the nights entertainment including a stilt walker and unicyclist! The club is split into 3 main sections. The ground floor is actually an upstairs area with seating and a large bar. The main body of the club was curtained off until 9:30 and the curtains were pulled back to reveal a stunningly decorated main club area. This area is down one of two short flights of stairs curved around the walls and is a large dance floor, with drinks being served at either end, plenty of seating and a prominant DJ booth.

The night looked to go very well with a great crowd of people and excellent music. At seemingly random times throughout the night the dance floor was cleared for several different performances including angle grinding and fire play. Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves and I look forward to returning many times in the future. Well worth a look.

Photos can be found at and